Thank you for sponsoring us by donating to either British Heart Foundation or Little Hearts in Sri Lanka (or by splitting your donation between the two charities). Your donations go directly and entirely to the charities and no part of these funds will be used to support the fund-raising activities.

By 31st December 2017, your generous donations helped us raise a grand total of:

£ 26,786 (= LKR 5,357,170)

You have chosen to split your donations as follows:

To British Heart Foundation: £ 5964 (incl. Gift Aid)

To Little Hearts, Sri Lanka: LKR 4,164,420


Name Donation Comments
Cardiovascular Directorate, St Thomas’ Hospital, London LKR 206,000 We are really happy to donate the proceeds of our Christmas Fund Raiser to this worthy cause, which we know is close to the hearts of Profs Perera and Marber.
Narendra Nath Peera LKR 50,000 A worthy cause actively supported by Prof. Divaka Perera
Siobhan and Adrian LKR 10,000 Congratulations!
Abi Harris £10 Fantastic effort, well done!
Jeremy Pearson £50 Better late than never (me, not you) – reminded of this when friends just set out for a relaxing holiday (not a mad bike ride) in Sri Lanka!
Sarah Ann Jones LKR 4,000  
Prabash Subasinghe LKR 250,000  
Leanne Maddock LKR 20,000 I have spent time with these children in Matara, SL and they need our help
Joe Burgoyne £30 Congratulations to the team
Jonathan Byrne £50 Well done to all the team!
Eija and Ellie LKR 4,000 A great cause – well done all!
Ronak Rajani LKR 20,000  
Amila DeMel LKR 10,000  
Abi Threadgold £10  
Manas Sinha £20 Well done all!
2 guests at Uga Bay LKR 7,000 Saw Peter and team at hotel reception and was impressed by their commitment, on a hot humid day!
Nabeel Sheikh LKR 10,000 Well done everyone, great effort and a wonderful cause!
Paul and Helen LKR 25,000 Great cause and great effort Shamindra!
Lakmal Wickremage LKR 50,000 Supporting Shamindra in this worthy cause.
Waqar £30 Amazing feat everyone! See you back soon.
Lynear Wealth Management LKR 250,000  
Kokila Wimalasekere LKR 25,000  
Viren and Anne LKR 25,000 Thank you for donating your wedding present. Congratulations and best wishes for the next chapter in your lives! – Shamindra
Sherine Jayawickrama LKR 5,000 Well done, Sanjay and the whole team!
A Munasinghe LKR 5,000 I wanted to help in some small way
Mark & Karen £150 Well done
Zuleikha Moosajee LKR 500,000  
Park Street Mews LKR 200,000 We rise by lifting others
Yamindra Perera LKR 10,000 Great cause
Jaswinder Gill LKR 20,000 Hoping Divaka and Mike make it!
Bijan £50 Best of luck!
Balvinder £100 Amazing project. Good luck
Hemali LKR 5,000  
Richard Evans LKR 2,000  
Emile Molin LKR 15,000 Supporting Channa and Cardiac Cycle
Natasha Balendra LKR 20,000 Good luck all
Elanor Warwick LKR 5,000 Have a smooth trip Channa without too many bumps!
Alexa, Fadi, Lawrence & Leila £50 All the best! Julia mentioned you were doing some cycling but I didn’t realise quite how much!
Rupert, Tona and Barney £40 Best of luck. That will be quite an achievement!
Karen Acott LKR 10,000 Good luck Rob, great cause- enjoy your rise and the apres cycle!
Kalpa De Silva LKR 20,000 It’s been a real privilege to have cycled with you all for the last three days! You’re all doing an amazing job for an amazing cause! Keep going!
Rupert Williams LKR 10,000 Good luck to you all, a brilliant cause and a fantastic achievement!
Wan-Sheong Yau LKR 5,000 Good luck Channa and the team
Al Edwards £50 Jealous- would like to be there with our family, tandem and box bike. Will have to bike along the Thames instead as usual.
Elaine & Bernard £50 Hope you’re still able to stand upright and walk
Claire Gasson LKR 10,000 Supporting Channa Daswatte
Roshanka Ranasinghe LKR 10,000 This is a good cause and one of my friends is on the cycle team!
Monica £15 Well done & good luck all!
Johan Mikael Zoghbi LKR 20,000 I am a friend of Channa Daswatte and I like the cause
Gerald Carr-White LKR 20,000  
Natali Chung LKR 10,000 In awe of my colleagues taking on such a big challenge! Look forward to hearing many stories about the ride….
John Stannard LKR 10,000 This is a great effort for an excellent cause.
Charlie DeB LKR 10,000  
Kaushik LKR 10,000 I love Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans!
Aldo Rinaldi £50  
Cara Hendry £50 Good luck and be safe
George John Cooper LKR 10,000 Supporting Channa Daswatte
Gautam Nevatia LKR 20,000 Help Little Hearts and also get the big hearted Channa into bicycle shorts and pedaling fit
Kenneth Graham LKR 7,500 Supporting the Cardiac Cycle Lanka group and the projects they are supporting
Aung Myat £50 Great effort and very best of luck
Jaliya A Fonseka LKR 10,000 This is an incredible cause, and undertaking. Supporting Channa Daswatte
Naveen Peiris LKR 20,000 Remarkable effort for a great cause, all the best to Divaka and co.
Dayanita LKR 50,000 Channa Daswatte is cycling for the cause
Sylvia Kahl LKR 4,000 Fantastic cause! Get those little legs pumping DP!
Jane Tahermoosavi LKR 4,000 Worthwhile cause!
Sanjay Kulatunga LKR 250,000  
Simon Scarff LKR 20,000 It will help Channa get fit and become svelt
Janet & Colin £25 A big Thank You from all the people who have had intervention and surgery over the years. Boss – just come back upright!!
Anonymous £250  
Rob Daniels and Devon Doctors £1000 Best of luck from all at Devon Doctors
Shakuntala Schott £200 + LKR 20,000 Immense admiration for you guys. Best of luck Channa!
Sophie & Keith Arnold £30 Good luck guys! Enjoy the adventure, fantastic cause!
Jagdip Sidhu £100 Best of luck to the brave team and stay safe!
Irsh, Fatima, Zak, Aadham and Nadia £300 Keep turning those pedals – hope the wind is always in your back
Umanga Abeysekera LKR 20,000 Great work Divaka and friends! Wish I could join you but maybe next time!
Manju LKR 175,000  
Rachel Bell £50 Good luck – great cause
Soxy LKR 5,000  
Hemaka Perera LKR 10,000 Wishing you guys luck and hoping this helps towards that goal
Julie Darnell LKR 4000 Great cause. Good luck to you all!
Howie £15 + LKR 3000 Well done for taking on the challenge for great causes!
Victoria Mowlavi £10 + LKR 2000 Good luck everyone!
Alessandra £40 Well done. Great thing to do
Brian £50 Good luck – have a fantastic time
Matthew Lumley LKR 5,000  
Rozanne & Sunil Hemdev LKR 30,000 We support your cause. Well done!
Steve Parry £25 The best of luck to all who are taking part!
Anne Wyke LKR 4,000 Rob is going on a jolly for a very good cause!
Haseeb Rahman LKR 10,000 Good luck!
Janaka Karalliedde LKR 15,000  
Hannah McConkey LKR 10,000 Very best wishes for the trip, such a worthy cause. Come back safely!
Matthew Wright LKR 10,000 Worthy cause and a long ride
Shelina Sunni LKR 10,000 Very worth cause. Well done team for the huge effort. Best of luck
Annie Williamson LKR 10,000 Great cause
Jonathan Osborn LKR 4,000 Supporting Rob Daniels
Seda Eminaga £20 Best of luck!!
Leoni £25 Good luck all. Enjoy the adventure. Great effort
Malathi Prasad £100 Go Shamindra!
Val Waas LKR 20,000 Fantastic cause and a fantastic challenge – contributing to a country I love: Sri Lanka. Plus personal support for Mike Marber
Zabin & Peshan LKR 115,000 Good luck aiyas and team. Fantastic cause. So proud of you all
Matthew Forshaw £25 Good luck with the cycle ride. Plenty of chamois cream required I think!
Shanti & Mano Perera LKR 500,000 Good luck boys! Proud of you
Shiyana Thenabadu LKR 10,000  
Bhavik £30 Good luck – hope you all return back in one piece!
Lucy and Pete £25 Amazing challenge and great cause. Enjoy!
Tony Gershlick LKR 6,000 Tough tough challenge. Great causes. Watch out for the friction
Ranee, Rob, Nayana, Jamie LKR 20,000 It’s an amazing cause. Supporting Shamindra and Divaka, my cousins. Lots of luck!
Polly LKR 5,000  
Errol and Mary Cooke LKR 20,000 Good luck to you all! This is such a worthy venture
Matt Ryan £25 + LKR 5000 Good luck in the big adventure
Ashan LKR 5000  
Lisa £20 Good luck – may the wind be with you
Roger Goldberg £200 Hope those saddles have good ventilation! Have a great trip
Colin LKR 10,000 Supporting health and wellbeing in Sri Lanka
Tilly Loach £20 Good luck – hope you have some good padded shorts!
Gian £25 Enjoy the ride!
Nihal Fernandopulle LKR 10,000  
Jessica £10 Go daddy go!
Shayala, Kevin, Robert £20 + LKR 5,000 Shami and Divi – best of luck (and weather conditions) to you and the rest of the team! Very worthwhile causes
Tom Johnson LKR 10,000 An impressive adventure for a worthy cause – chamois cream is definitely the signal of a mid-life crisis!
Susan and Jonathan £50 What a fantastic cause! Good luck
Carly & Josh £30 Good luck, fantastic cause
Kuet Liew £100 Good luck with your adventure Mike
Shanthie Kanelias LKR 5,000 Good luck and hope you achieve your target. Great effort!!
Sue & Steve £30 Good luck lads
Seth & Hannah £40 Good luck MSM, We are very proud of you.
Lisa O’C £250 Amazing causes and huge effort! Keep up the excellent training and all the best for the event itself. Well done!
Savio D’Souza £30 Worthy cause. Good luck to you and the team!
Michael John Daniels LKR 20,000 Supporting the team in their worthwhile enterprise
Sarah and James £30 Very best wishes for an amazing ride – may you not be too sore!
Richard T £50 May the roads always slope gently down and the wind be ever at your back (quite the reverse, in fact, of every cyclist’s experience!)
Nicola & Mark Chambers £20 Good luck Rob – hope you enjoy it! It is for such a worthwhile cause
Alison Mossadegh £20 Good luck Rob
Dave Hughes £20 + LKR 2,000 Wishing you all (particularly Divi and Shami) all the best. Don’t forget the Vaseline…
Gilly & Chris Sowden £20 +LKR 3,700 It’s a great cause- everyone should have access to good healthcare. Good luck -just keep peddling!
Manuel & Ursula £50 Amazing challenge – take good care and have a great time!
Denise £30 Best of luck!
Natalia Briceno LKR 7,000 A very worthwhile cause and a fantastic way to raise money and awareness. Good luck!
Robin £10 Good luck Dr Daniels
Roshini Fernando LKR 10,000  
Sue Brain £50 Good luck, really hope you get there
Catherine Jarvis LKR 6,000 This is such a great cause. Well done guys!
Mike D £25 Go Sham, proud of you
Bridget £10 Good luck! I’m sure it will be amazing!
Lisa Daniels £50 + LKR 3500 So proud of you Good luck everyone Please feel free to leave the Lycra behind!!
Ajay £50 Sounds amazing, good luck!
Simon Redwood £50 + LKR 9000 Good luck guys!
Dilendra Wimalasekere LKR 200,000  
Anoop Shetty LKR 4,000  
Rachel £10 Go daddy!
Viren Chandrasoma LKR 200,000  
Catherine LKR 5,000 It’s a great cause
Janey Bailey £10 Great plan. Good luck
Teresa Cowherd LKR 20,000  
Tom Kaier LKR 5,000 Fantastic cause – good luck to the cyclists!
Nick & Alex Dent £100 Fantastic idea for great causes. Shamindra, hope you manage being the only non-medic!
Jess Webb LKR 5,000 Good luck – enjoy!
Alexandra, Olivia, Seb Dent £20 Amazing effort – well done!
John, Harshi, Mimi £40 Good luck and have fun!
James Winter £20 Good luck!
Quingbo £30  
Phoebe Kitscha £5 + LKR 1,000 Good luck 🙂
Metin £25 + LKR 5,000 I am very impressed (and a little bit jealous!)
Sujay Chandran LKR 7,500  
Robert £25 Who needs lycra if you can use bicycle clips
Gonca Suna £20 Sounds amazing. Best of luck!
Mark Pfuhl £50 Good luck with that challenge!
Chris Booth LKR 20,000  
Gabriel Bioh £50 All the best, thankful for your effort for such a worthy cause
Johan De Livera LKR 200,000  
Stuart Baldwin LKR 20,000  
Bill Daniels £25 Good luck chaps!
Lucy Catto £10 Go team MAMIL!
Kaz & Griff £50 This is such a great thing to do, wish we could be with you
Eunice Marber £100 A worthwhile challenge and fun too. Subha gamanak veva
Louise Perera LKR 20,000 Good luck boys!