Little Hearts

Why Support Little Hearts

Thousands of children with heart diseases and critical illnesses in Sri Lanka
do not have timely access to treatment

Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children (LRH) is the only tertiary care referral centre for children with congenital heart disease and other critical illnesses in the country.

The hospital’s exceptional medical staff and treatment opportunities make this institution the beacon of hope to families nationwide. However, with its current limited capacity, it has been struggling to provide timely care to all children in need.


Thousands of our children are left to wait for treatment for months and even years on end. These children are fighting against time. Each day without treatment lessens their chances of recovery and many little hearts lose the battle.

But together, we can help them beat the clock!

The planned Cardiac and Critical Care Complex is a ten-storey hospital wing which will be built on Lady Ridgeway Hospital grounds in Colombo.

The building will feature cardiac operating theatres and it will increase the number of cardiac ICU beds from 18 to 40, include over 100 medical and neonatal intensive care beds, as well as the areas for advanced cardiac investigations and staff training facilities to provide optimum care for all children. The Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau in Sri Lanka estimate the cost of this project to be two billion rupees but construction will begin when the fund accrues 500 million rupees.

The Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians is responsible for monitoring Little Hearts activities, as well as managing the funds raised by the campaigns. The Cardiac and Critical Care Complex is a government-approved project deemed a national priority. For more details, please visit the Little Hearts website.